Telephone counselling


Thank you for all the help you have given me.
I am glad that I am now quite different from when I first came to you in October. have enabled me to get back on track.


Dear Jan

Thank you for all you have done....It has helped me a lot and I'll try to remember all you taught me.


...there can be no doubt we would not be where we are today without that support and help from Jan.
Thank you


Your clients are very luck indeed to have someone like you address their problems because you give hope for a better brigher future and that's a real gift you have Jan.


Telephone counselling is the same as a face-to-face session
but with a trained counsellor over the phone.

The main benefit for you is you can arrange a time most suitable to you.

Who's it for?
Telephone counselling can be used for most types of therapeutic situations.

Other important benefits for you.
Travelling time is reduced or removed totally.
Arrangments for lookng after your children are minimised

How make an appointment

Simply call our number at 01636 892460 and make your appointment.
In order to confirm your booking you will need a credit card to reserve your time.

At the end of your assessment , we will provide you with the option to book again. If you want to go ahead, you can make an other appoitment directly after your telephone session.

Telephone Counselling - Help Is A Phone Call Away

Everyone experiences personal problems at one time or another. Many use the services of a professional therapist to sort through their problems and get counselling on issues like relationship troubles, depression, anxiety, self-esteem issues and emotional stress. Receiving professional counselling by a therapist over the telephone is a growing trend. Telephone counselling is fast becoming an effective method of communication between client and therapist.

What Is Telephone Counselling?

Phone counselling is a service that provides psychological support over the phone. It can include counselling for families, couples and individuals. It also includes group therapy. Counselling can be received from professional psychotherapists or para-professional therapists. Helping clients over the phone is another way that mental health professionals try to provide continuity of care.

Clients may use the phone for support during the times their regular therapist is unavailable. Telephone counselling services are also in place for those whose scheduled therapy sessions have ended. Those people may need some additional psychological support and advice in the months following.

The Benefits Of Phone Counselling

There are several positive benefits for people who choose phone support. Getting help by phone reduces the need to spend extra time taking off work. It is more cost effective than having to drive and gives those with limited access to transportation more convenient access to professional guidance.

Some clients find telephone therapy sessions less intimidating and more comforting than face-to-face therapy. The telephone also allows for less visual distraction. This helps the client focus on what the therapist is saying. The slight anonymity also helps the client relax and disclose their thoughts to the therapist easier.

Many people avoid getting the psychological help they need because they just don't want to face a counsellor in person, for whatever reason. Telephone counselling can open up a whole new way of getting treatment for people who would otherwise avoid it.

Telephone Counselling Is More Convenient Than Office Visits

Many people enjoy the greater sense of control and convenience that getting support over the phone gives them. It is much less expensive to receive therapy from the comfort of home than having to spend money on gas, parking and taking time off thier job. But it is possible to get the support they need over the phone while at work. Those who can't afford expensive office visits for relationship problems can find phone support more affordable.

Being able to pick up the phone at home and get support during a life crisis, can prevent further trouble from escalating. Easy access from home to professional support brings peace of mind and can give the person with overwhelming problems the tools they need to make it through the situation in a positive, healthy way.




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