Sexual abuse counselling


Thank you for all the help you have given me.
I am glad that I am now quite different from when I first came to you in October. have enabled me to get back on track.


Dear Jan

Thank you for all you have done....It has helped me a lot and I'll try to remember all you taught me.


...there can be no doubt we would not be where we are today without that support and help from Jan.
Thank you


Your clients are very luck indeed to have someone like you address their problems because you give hope for a better brigher future and that's a real gift you have Jan.


If you have been sexually abused, you are not alone. One in three girls, and one in seven boys, are sexually abused by the time they reach the age of 18. The traditional definition of incest is sexual intercourse between blood relatives.

Sexual abuse is a betrayal of trust due to power imbalance in one-sided relationships. It generally includes sexual abuse by anyone who has authority or power over the child.

With the increase in the divorce rate, children are at greater risk than ever before. Women attempting to find a new partner, may unwittingly be putting their children at greater risk for sexual abuse from the men they date. If the mother remarries the "stepdaughters are eight times more at risk of sexual abuse by the stepfathers who broguth them up them than are daughters raised by their biological fathers. It may be the case that a growing number of stepfathers are really 'smart paedophiles', men who marry divorced or single women with families as a way of getting close to children.

Self-esteem encompasses the extent to which individuals feel comfortable with the sense they have of themselves and, to a lesser extent, their accomplishments, and how they believe they are viewed by others . Self-esteem is 'the sense of contentment and self acceptance that stems from a person's appraisal of his (or her) own worth, significance, attractiveness, competence.

There is a clear relationship between poor self-esteem in adults and a history of child sexual abuse.

Often I start working on helping my clients to let go of any blame or responsibility for abuse they may have suffered. Often they will still feel, even today, that they were totally repsonsible.
My next step involves working on building his or her self-esteem as this is often very low .
The therapy takes time and cannot be rushed but the outcome, when the adult starts regaining control of their life and begins to grow, has given me some of the greatest satifaction I have ever had as a therapist.
If you are considering starting your journey call me now on 01636 892460


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