Marriage guidance counselling


Thank you for all the help you have given me.
I am glad that I am now quite different from when I first came to you in October. have enabled me to get back on track.


Dear Jan

Thank you for all you have done....It has helped me a lot and I'll try to remember all you taught me.


...there can be no doubt we would not be where we are today without that support and help from Jan.
Thank you


Your clients are very luck indeed to have someone like you address their problems because you give hope for a better brigher future and that's a real gift you have Jan.


Marriage Guidance Counselling

Marriage guidance counselling cases cut across all cultural divides. Whether you are affluent or poor, you might be waiting to contact a counseller only when there is no other choice left.

I will use use all my power & experience to get your relationship back on course. If you are ready to discuss your relationship past or present, or how your family is affected by it, or how you can improve things, or how you could manage a separation to good effect, I can help and support you for the best possible outcome.

My part is to listen to you and to encourage you to talk directly about your fears and concerns. I will help you reach decisions and work with you in finding best way forward.

It doesn't matter if you are just living together or are married, divorced or separated, I am hear to help you deal with whatever situation you may be in.

My initial steps will be to talk to you about your feelings and expectations and look at the choices and
new possibilites you can develop.
Successful healthy realtionships are important for leading a full life.

You can learn these skills and how to deal with awkward situations and restore things to a better balance.
Please call me to discuss things further on 01636 892460
I look forward to hearing from you

Jan Stoller

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